An on-site demonstration is a "cool" way to entertain any crowd!

Whether it is a crowd of on-lookers, students or business professionals, people of all ages are always amazed watching sculptors work with such a unique medium.

Ice sculpting demonstrations are perfect for...

• County Fairs

• Corporate Events

• Winter Festivals and Fairs

• High School and Elementary School

• Birthday Parties

• Clubs and Private Associations

Not only will an ice carving demonstration entertain your guests, the finished sculpture can become a focal point of the event. Ice carving demonstrations can be performed indoors or outdoors all year round, even in the summer. Watch as a sculpture comes to life, with snow flying from the power tools it is truly amazing.

Demonstrations are approx 90 - 120 minutes long.

To discuss and schedule a demonstration or seminar, contact Sculptures In Ice by phone at 1-413-433-0366 or by e-mail.