If you can imagine it we can carve it…

Q: What can be sculpted out of ice?
A: Almost anything can be sculpted from a block of ice. Keep in mind an ice sculpture will get smaller during the event, needs to be deliverable, and supports itself.

Q: How do I choose my ice carving design?
A: We have a simple gallery of photos on our web site to give you ideas of what some of our clients have used for their event. If you have additional ideas, email us a photograph or artwork (in .jpg format) of what you have in mind. Please contact us for recommendations.

Q: How long does an ice sculpture last?
A: An ice sculpture typically lasts an average of 4-6 hours indoors. Ice sculptures can be displayed outdoors, but will have significantly less lasting time. For outdoor displays, we recommend displaying your ice sculpture in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. Ice melts proportionally therefore the sculpture retains its silhouette for the duration of the event. At normal room temperature, a sculpture will shrink at about one inch per hour.

Q: How long does it take to make an ice sculpture?
A: Naturally the time it takes varies widely depending on the complexity, size and nature of the design. Three to twelve hours is the average time to create a high quality ice sculpture.

Q: When should the ice sculpture be delivered?
A: Delivery should be scheduled approximately one to one and a half hours before guests are scheduled to arrive at your event.

Q: What happens when the ice sculpture melts?
A: As the sculpture melts it becomes more delicate. When we set up the sculpture, it is advisable to use drip trays and drain hoses. We also advise you to provide a bucket or container for the water to drain into from the drip tray hose.

Q: How much does an ice sculpture weigh?
A: One-block ice sculpture can range from 150 to 250 pounds, depending on its design.

Q: How big are ice sculptures? What are they used for?
A: Small sculptures (12" to 17") are mostly used as table centerpieces, which replace traditional flowers or are used in conjunction with flowers.

Medium sculptures (20" to 30") are most commonly used as buffet centerpieces in homes, boats or small parties.

Large sculptures (36" to 60") are used in most major events ~ either on buffet tables or focal points through out the room.

Bigger than life ice sculptures are displayed on the floor with lights illuminating the sculpture from below. Most giant sculptures are used for promotional events such as grand openings, new product introduction, concerts, etc. These can be anywhere from 6 to 30 feet tall!

Q: What will we need to provide?
A: You will need to provide a table, bucket, and an extension cord (for lighting). Each drip tray comes with it's own hose attachment for the water to drain. We recommend dressing your table with linen to conceal the bucket underneath the table for a clean presentation.

Q: Does a sculpture need a drainage tray?
A: Yes. When you receive a quote, it will include the best options for drip tray and under lighting that can be purchased.  Many customers have their own trays or have kept them from a previous event and will re-use them time and time again. Options are also available for upgrading the display that include acrylics which can be bought or rented.

Q: How can you light up an ice sculpture?
A: Although a light is not necessary, it is recommended. The light does not add a technical element to the display, however the refraction of light off the angles and edges of a crystal clear sculpture adds to the magic of its presentation.   Purchase of inexpensive white or colored lighting solutions or rental of more elaborate LED options are available.

Q: How far in advanced will I need to place an order?
A: Ordering early helps to ensure availability. Wedding and holiday season dates fill up quickly, place your deposit early to hold your event date and times.

Q: What does an ice sculpture cost ?
A: Ice sculptures are affordable and are priced individually, based on size and the complexity of the design.  Call us and we can price a sculpture of your choice and even suggest options that will suit your specific budget. With so many designs and products available, we can create an impact for any event.

Q: What if a piece breaks off the sculpture during set up?
A: If we are setting up your sculpture, we will be able to perform on-site repairs. If you are setting up your own sculpture, we can provide detailed set-up and repair instructions to make it a seamless part of your event. If there is a problem, call us and we will do our best to help you achieve a successful repair.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes, we deliver anywhere to the greater Springfield, Northern Connecticut region.